DROPSHIPPING ACADEMY – How to sell on Facebook in 2022

Boost your online sales thanks to Facebook.

Surely you know Facebook as the social network par excellence, bringing friends and family together, and that allows you to share photos and join groups of your interest.

Did you know that it can also be a useful tool for selling more if you already have your own e-commerce business?

Being on Facebook means having access to many users and it will be easier to find new customers, even in a multi-channel sales perspective.

Today, we will show you how you can grow your turnover thanks to Facebook.

Differences among Facebook Marketplace, Groups and Shop

Before learning how to sell on Facebook, it is necessary to make a distinction among the different sales channels made available by Facebook:

Marketplace, the section of Facebook dedicated to listings and the buying and selling of objects and items between private individuals;
Groups, there are many groups on Facebook that allow the buying and selling of objects;
Shop, it’s the function reserved for professional sellers who own an external e-commerce store.

The big difference is that Marketplace is a real virtual marketplace, whereas the Shop function is created for professionals and allows them to create a shop window on their Facebook page similar to an ecommerce site where you can sell products. Groups restrict buying and selling to those in the same group and can be useful for specific market niches.

If you are a professional and have an e-commerce store, Shop is the right channel for you; also with the help of Facebook Ads, you can increase the visibility of your shop.

The good news is that no matter which mode you use, selling on Facebook is completely free!

How to sell thanks to Facebook Shop

To sell products on Facebook, you must first have a Facebook page dedicated to your business (not your personal page). Next, connect your e-commerce platform to Facebook or manually create a Facebook shop. Finally, we recommend sponsoring your products through ads, competitions and enhanced posts to maximize sales.

Whether you have an existing online shop on a different platform or you’re planning on using Facebook Shop exclusively, you need to configure your Commerce Manager.

First log in, then select create shop or create catalogue.

Choose the payment method you’d like your customers to complete the purchase with (this is not valid for all countries) and there are two options: either a direct link to your ecommerce or the possibility of completing the purchase directly via a Facebook or Instagram message.

When you choose the payment option on an external platform, customers can browse your Facebook shop and, when checking out, will be directed to the checkout on your website. Choose this option if you already have an existing online shop.

The best e-commerce platforms allow you to list and sell products in the Facebook shop (and many other places, if you wish).

If selling online is your priority, you need to extend your presence in as many places as possible and Facebook is one of them.

Create great lists

By now you should have your ecommerce catalog linked to Facebook Shop, so how can you make your products more attractive?

Although you may have the conviction that your ecommerce is fine, on Facebook you’ll start all over again and you will have to market your products better, but how? 

Optimizing your product sheets:

  • Accurate, SEO-oriented descriptions, just as you do on your website or as sellers do when they decide to sell their products on Amazon;
  • Top-quality photos. You don’t need to be a professional photographer to take good pictures, but you do need a tool that takes high-quality pictures and you can perhaps indulge in some set photos;
  • Information on product size and weight. If you sell oversized items, it is certainly fair to point out these details, which can often affect shipping for better or worse;
  • Inventory product codes or SKU codes. Essential for keeping track of the products in your online shop and seeing what you sell and what merchandise stays put.

Publish ads, promotions and campaigns

There are many ways, both free and paid, by which you can market your Facebook Shop products to your followers and a wider audience.

Present your products with special offers via featured posts, that is standard posts that can reach a larger, targeted audience for a small budget.

You can start thinking about Facebook advertising campaigns to sell the hero product of your ecommerce.

Distribute offers and run competitions to engage your audience and attract new followers to your page and Facebook Shop products.


Taking advantage of the Facebook marketplace can be a great start to increase your sales and revenue in your business.

Create and optimize your Facebook marketplace to drive traffic to your shop, engage your target audience, convert your customers and sell your items.

Use the tips you have learnt on how to sell on Facebook in 2022 to maximize your sales opportunities, attract customers and grow your business through the Facebook marketplace.

Evaluate your products competitively, provide a clear description and write down all the information the buyer might need about your product.