Customer Stories – TOP DESIGN WEAR

Today we had a chat with Ian Cummings, owner of the online store Top Design Wear.


Let’s talk about you…
My name is Ian and I’m the founder of Top Design Web, a young and dynamic site ready to offer you the products of the best brands with seriousness and professionalism.

Why did you choose to launch a BDroppy dropshipping store?
Why did you choose BDroppy specifically?
In 2014 I had to leave my shop for health reasons, but I wanted to have my own business from home without having to make significant investments. I was already using BDroppy to buy branded goods. When I discovered that I could have a turnkey e-commerce site to sell in dropshipping I thought it was the perfect solution.

What do you like about BDroppy’s dropshipping?
I have no stock risk and I can just buy one item at a time. Working in dropshipping gives you the great advantage of working in a less stressful way. You don’t have any warehouse risks, and you don’t need to make a significant upfront investment.

Which advice would you give to new dropshipping entrepreneurs?
No matter how difficult the moment may appear… my advice is to go ahead and never give up.

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