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Interview to Mickael Bruyere, Manager Director of

It’s always a pleasure to welcome our customers to visit us and share their business stories.

Especially when it comes to one of our best long-time customers, such as Mickael Bruyere, who built up his successful online business.

We had the opportunity to ask him some questions about how he achieved this amazing success in such a short period of time.

Let’s talk about your business. Can you tell us something about
I always had a particular passion for races!
I met BDroppy when I was looking for some wholesalers with competitive prices.
I’ve immediately noticed the great potential of Sparco brand and its SPARCO® Fashion collection.
The SPARCO® Fashion catalogue for men contained a wide range of choices in every fashion category: shoes, apparel, accessories, luggage, etc. Therefore, thanks to the dropshipping system, I created a platform where I could only focus on SPARCO® Fashion sales.
Sales took off immediately and volumes increased so much that has become the official SPARCO® Fashion Collection website.

So you’ve been focusing on one single brand. Why did you decide to choose this market niche?
At the very beginning, I started selling online a wide variety of categories from the BDroppy catalogue.
I decided quite quickly to focus all the efforts on a niche product as SPARCO® Fashion collection.
The catalogue always offered new styles and stock of shoes, clothing, accessories, luggage, etc. The products’ selection was always different from previous collections, the range was innovative.
Even though a niche has fewer potential customers, it has the advantage of having fewer competitors and a more targeted audience. The most important thing is to differentiate from other competitors. It’s important to give more attention to the quality of the products and services rather than just considering the quantities.

What about your marketing strategy? What are the channels you mainly use to push the sales on your website
I think it’s important to try all the channels and then identify those that assure you to have the best Return Of Investment.
For instance, I’ve been using multiple channels to reach customers, starting with Google Adwords, Display Advertising, Retargeting, Mailing, etc.
I also really benefit from social media by using Facebook and Instagram to understand and engage my customers and increase sales as well.
The most important thing is to differentiate from other competitors.
Let’s not forget that the relationship with customers is always fundamental: it needs to be maintained and nurtured so as to maximize customer satisfaction and therefore the business.

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