Customer stories – POWER HOUSE STORE

Today we had a chat with Ghassan Noursi, owner of Power House Store.

Tell us something about your online business…
We started our online business many years ago. Throughout the ups and downs of online selling, we have acquired essential skills in the world of online selling, such as customer service and pricing strategies. We are constantly trying to improve our business model and creating new opportunities.

Why did you choose to open a dropshipping online store?
We decided to look into the dropshipping project many years ago as a way to earn money and get into the business world.

Why did you choose Brandsdistribution Group?
What do you like about Brandsdistribution Group dropshipping?
Brandsdistribution Group offer unmatched shipping rates and times. The handling of the products by their team is always professional and on point. We completely trust Brandsdistribution Group to complement our online dropshipping projects.

Whate advice would you give to new entrepreneurs who want to dropshipping?
New entrepreneurs should know that nothing comes easy. Just because you entrust a great company like Brandsdistribution Group to handle part of your business, doesn’t mean you should blame them for the progress in your own business. New entrepreneurs should always keep learning and improving because that is the true entrepreneurial spirit. If something goes wrong, try to fix it instead of giving up. And don’t be afraid to try new things.

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