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Today we had a chat with Randell from


Is BDroppy your first dropshipping store?
Yes, it is my first experience in the field. I started to think about launching my own online business some time ago so I began to look for the perfect provider until I met BDroppy.

Why did you choose to start a BDroppy dropshipping store?
And why did you choose BDroppy specifically?

I chose to launch my own dropshipping store because I knew that I could trust BDroppy for the products authenticity and originality and also because I won’t have to worry about returns and refunds, because I know that BDroppy will deal with them for me.

What do you like about BDroppy’s dropshipping?
What I like most about dropshipping by BDroppy is that it’s really easy to replenish my stock. It only takes very few clicks, it’s as simple as that!

Which advice would you give to new dropshipping entrepreneurs?
I would like to tell new dropshipping entrepreneurs that success highly depends on who you’re dealing with. Creating an e-commerce and starting your own online activity is sometimes harder than you think, so they shouldn’t underestimate this. But if you manage to find a reliable and trustworthy partner that can run your e-store, you’re halfway through, that’s the most important thing for me in order to be successful.

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