Customer Stories – KOKO JEANS

Today we had a chat with Cristina, owner of the online store Koko-jeans.

Let’s talk about you…
My name is Cristina, and I literally live for fashion. My first passion is this e-commerce store. In addition to this, I love shopping, yoga, walking on the beach, and reading a good book.

Why did you choose to launch a BDroppy dropshipping store? Why did you choose BDroppy specifically?
Because I’m literally crazy for fashion, but I had no idea how to start. I was looking for a serious dropshipper, with original, certified genuine products and also offering the website in the dropshipping package. Luckily I found you guys!

What do you like about BDroppy’s dropshipping?
Well, first of all, great quality. Then surely the possibility to sell thousands of products of the best fashion brands without stock risk.

Which advice would you give to new dropshipping entrepreneurs?
Well, certainly to prepare a plan for the budget to invest in marketing, advertising campaigns, and a launch plan. That’s what I’m doing, and it’s paying off.

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