Customer Stories – FACTCOOL

Today we had a chat with Mária, Chief Marketing Officer of the online store Factcool.

Let’s talk a little bit about Factcool…
FACTCOOL is an online shop focused on the fashion industry. Our purpose is to provide services for many brands of clothing, footwear, fashion, and sports accessories. We do not stand only in one place, we look up for opportunities and act immediately. Since our origin in 2015, we expanded further in Europe. Meanwhile, we are looking for new markets, where we can bring our enthusiasm from what we create.  
We know, that NOBODY IS PERFECT, but TOGETHER WE CAN BE REALLY FACTCOOL in every possible way.

How did you discover Brandsdistribution Group?
Why did you choose Brandsdistribution Group specifically? 
We were looking for a supplier of premium brands because we want to offer goods also to clients that buy more expensive and premium products. And Brandsdistribution Group has it all at really valuable prices.

What do you like about Brandsdistribution Group’s services? 
Working with you is very pleasant. The communication is at a really high level, the delivery and packaging are also good. I think I can say that both sides are satisfied.  

Which advice would you give to new dropshipping entrepreneurs?
Find the brands that you like and start to make a buzz around them in your community. Once you get positive feedback from your community, start the promo in your own way. If you are personally involved in something and you like what you do and you are getting positive feedback from the market, there is no way you’ll miss success.

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