Customer Stories – CLARILIX USA

Today we had a chat with Alix Abelard, founder of the web store Clarilix USA.

Let’s talk about you…
My name is Alix Abelard, and I’m the owner of the NewYork-based web store CLARILIX USA, a young and dynamic site that offers the products of the best brands with seriousness and professionalism.

Why did you choose to launch a dropshipping store? Why did you choose BDroppy specifically?
Opening my own business has always been my dream, so I decided to launch my dropshipping e-commerce store. I shared my ideas with my wife, and then we started working together to achieve our professional goals.
We chose BDroppy because I discovered that we could have a turnkey e-commerce site to sell dropshipping. The perfect solution to launch our business.

What do you like about BDroppy’s dropshipping?
We love the products, the images, the wide range of the catalog, the Team Support, and the high quality in the shipping service. In addition, working in dropshipping gives us the great advantage of working in a less stressful way.

Which advice would you give to new dropshipping entrepreneurs?
No matter how tricky the moment may be… just go ahead and never give up!

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