DROPSHIPPING ACADEMY – How to create your online audience: tips and techniques to attract the target you want.

Grow your target audience and boost your online sales

How to identify my online target? How do I reach it on social media? How can users understand that I am the right shop for them?

We are sure that, after building the foundation of your dropshipping business, you will have asked yourself all these questions: this is because it is time to reach your audience.
You need to connect with people interested in what you sell in your shop and grow your audience by applying the right mix of strategies.

Choosing to use multiple marketing tactics and different channels at the same time offers you enormous advantages: over 85% of consumers want an all-round digital experience and are likely to spend more on a brand that personally uses these platforms, speaking directly with the public and acting like a person and not just as a brand.
If you want a new audience segment, you have to experiment with tools and strategies: it is essential that all brands have their own audience, it is not a prerogative of small brands, but rather it is an important strength if it is applied by established companies.

So what should you do to grow your audience? In this article, we’ll explore the solutions to this question: from identifying your target audience to engaging with high-quality content and calls to action.

How to find your audience?

The initial phase is one of the most logical and fundamental: you will have to identify your target audience and think about where to find them.

Start by asking yourself what you are trying to understand about your target customer and, as a result, identify a basic profile. Some questions you can ask yourself are the following:

  • Purchase intention: how likely is your target to buy your products or services? You will then be able to adapt your marketing tactics accordingly.
  • Interests: what are their hobbies and interests? You will be able to offer them relevant content.
  • Subculture: in what cultural group does your target identify? This is fundamental to better understand habits, attitudes, and the communication style to be applied to be more akin to your target and adapt your tone of voice.

If your online shop is active, you will probably already have a defined target; analyze the traffic of your website to know the demographic profiles of your customers, their shopping habits, etc. Don’t forget to analyze your competition and see what they’re doing to engage a similar audience to yours. Reading their copy, analyzing the visuals and seeing the influencers they collaborate with is a good first step.

Build your multichannel strategy.

After building your brand identity, you will need to choose your marketing mix strategy based on the analysis of the target you want to reach.

You should have a functional and structured website so that your customers can navigate your shop easily; also, focus on optimizing your website on search engines, known as SEO. It is a process of ensuring that your website is at the top of search engine results pages (SERPs) when your target audience searches for certain keywords online.

Consider writing a blog on your site: to get a high SEO value it is important that your website is updated regularly and with quality content as this tells the search engines that your site is a valuable resource for the audience and therefore will be ranked higher when your target does an online search. The result is that your website will have greater exposure to a wider audience who will likely feel an affinity with your brand.

Publish on a regular basis, you will notify the algorithm that you are an active brand and a source of updated information.

Choose original content, if it is created by you it will have more value. Avoid copying and pasting, they could be judged to be of poor quality and penalize you.

Identify the right keywords and create keyword-rich content that matches the search terms your target audience is using, indicating that you have the answers your target is looking for.

Create your strategy on social platforms through an organized and clear editorial plan, aimed at achieving the goal you have previously set.

To facilitate the drafting of content, you can use the 80-20 rule, for 80% you create content to help your audience and offer them real value (style tips, free guides, fun videos, quizzes to entertain), to the remaining 20% ​​pure sales content (promotions, products, descriptions of your services, etc).

To ensure that your users are encouraged to click on your website, offer them free valuable content, such as contests and giveaways, downloadable materials, product promotions that have your website as their last link, and extracts from the content of your blog.

5 tips to build your audience.

Now let’s get to the heart of building your audience, and while we can’t guarantee you 100% success, these tips will help you improve your method:

1. You can’t please everyone

Your goal isn’t just to drive traffic to your website, but for the right people to land there. Don’t use your energy to please everyone, not everyone will be your customer so it’s not worth it. Focus more on those who already have the potential to become your consumers, this will help you create content that matches their tastes.

2. Use storytelling

One of the best ways to engage an audience is through the storytelling of your brand or products.

Tackle a problem that your product or service can solve, analyze how it can help your customer and show it, and finally conclude by showing the end result and how your brand can improve someone’s life.

3. Create a content schedule

Most audiences love the idea of ​​having content on a regular basis, it creates a feeling of trustworthiness. Having a good strategy increases your brand’s chances of being successful.

4. Be true to your niche

The content you create to appeal to your audience should always revolve around your sales industry. If you sell designer clothing, don’t start political discussions for example.

Your audience is focused on a specific niche category and you don’t have to stray from it, otherwise, you may lose some of the audience you have already gathered.

5. Create viral content

One of the best ways to build an audience is to make sure you’re creating great content, whether you’re writing a blog post or creating a YouTube video, your audience needs to see quality material.

This is why tutorials work so well, for example, DIY enthusiasts want to save money thanks to the guides found online.

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