Customer Stories – Andrea Nagy, owner of Classysy

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BDroppy was born from the decades-long experience of Brandsdistribution Group in the e-commerce sector, to meet the needs of those who want to grow their online business by reselling great fashion brands, without warehouse risks.

We had a chat with Andrea Nagy, owner of the online store Classysy.

Tell us something about your online business

Classysy is 100% privately owned Australian family business.

For busy people like almost everyone who operate under strict schedules and demanding deadlines, having a stress-free shopping experience is particularly important. With us, the customers can rest assured that they will receive high-quality clothing designed with their statement of style in mind. We want to keep our customer-focused family business and don’t be a “robotic” online shop. That is why we started to sell only in Australia and now in New Zealand.

When did you launch your fashion e-commerce and what prompted you to sell online?

When Covid started, like everyone else, we started to use online shopping more frequently than before, and we realized the lack of some products and services, and with my husband, we started to talk about our experience and how we can work better than others. The main problem we had was poor customer service when you use online shops, and we wanted to change this in our shop and focus more on the connection with customers. Even though we had our own architecture business, we started designing our webshop. My husband had some experience in WordPress as he has a background as a graphic designer, so building a webshop was not an issue.

Why did you choose BDroppy? Describe what convinced you to entrust yourself to us.

During the design part, we started looking for products we wanted to sell, which is how we learned about BDroppy. We didn’t want to sell poor quality products, so we tried to find a good quality designer product. We have investigated BDroppy’s background, quality and reviews and we decided to subscribe and give it a chance.

We started with a monthly plan because we didn’t want to spend too much before knowing what we will get for our money, but after two months we asked to change our monthly plan to a yearly plan, because we got the service we wanted.

We knew we wanted to sell luxury products that is not easy to find online and build trust with customers. Most people spend small amounts easily online, but spending thousands of dollars to buy online products, that’s where people are more careful. But we knew that if we managed to build a business with trust, we would be successful.

How do you rate your experience with the service?

I would give 4 out of 5 to BDroppy. I don’t want to give 5 because nobody is perfect, but our experience is very positive, and so far, we’ve never had big issues.

The experience with BDroppy has been very good, and we are happy to have you as our business partner. The customer support is spot-on, and the attention of your team to our needs as customers is invaluable.

What products or brands have been most successful in your store? What are your best-sellers?

Gucci is the most popular brand in our shop, but Versace Jeans, Love Moschino, and Guess are other brands that we sell easily.

Our best-sellers are especially bags and accessories. The clothing and shoes are more problematic because the size is very subjective and it’s therefore easier to sell bags and accessories.
We would like to see more: Bally, Balmain, Fendi, Prada, Burberry, Dior, Givenchy.

What does it mean for you to have a supplier like BDroppy?

It means having a focus on the customer, good products, interesting prices, and fast shipping. Having a good relationship with your business partner is crucial, as I know how frustrating it can be when you are waiting for your order and don’t get the proper information.

That is why we were looking for someone who can provide fast shipping. We can save money by using cheaper shipping companies, but we don’t want long shipping times, and that’s why we’re happy to pay a little more, as soon as our products arrive in time. The average shipping time is 5-7 business days, and I know that sometimes ordering within Australia takes more time than that. This can compensate for the fact that people buy products that are not in Australia.

The Australian people are a little skeptical about buying products from abroad, which is why we always emphasize that we are an Australian small family business.

Check out BDroppy online and start selling the top brands from our catalogue with us!