DROPSHIPPING ACADEMY – Black Friday 2021: checklist to prepare your ecommerce at best.

Black Friday 2021: sell online in dropshipping with BDroppy

Black Friday is approaching! It is not long until November 26th, the day when this year you will be able to do incredible deals in the world of online sales.

Take advantage of these days and our advice to better prepare your ecommerce for this important event:

  1. Is your ecommerce ready?
  2. Insert new ad hoc products
  3. Make flash promos
  4. Create buying guides
  5. Don’t abandon your cart!
  6. Help your customers
  7. Last call
  1. Is your ecommerce ready?
    This year prepare your Black Friday deals well in advance. Above all, define how long you want to make this offer period last for your business: over the years, Black Friday has also turned into Black Week or Black Month.
    Then make sure your online sales site is equipped to withstand Black Friday traffic spikes, even for multiple days.
    Finally, make sure you provide a positive shopping experience to your customers, by verifying, for example, that the payment systems work correctly and that there are no problems at checkout.
  1. Insert new ad hoc products
    Adding new products is always a good idea, especially if they are listed as exclusive Black Friday offers, which is sure to pique users’ curiosity.
  1. Make flash promos
    If you decide to focus on the concept of Black Week or Black Month, offer products at discounted prices on your ecommerce store for a limited time compared to the total period of the promo. The urgency aspect always works!
  1. Create buying guides
    These are widely used guides, especially during the holidays, that can help your customers buy the right products for the various occasions. For Black Friday 2021 you could think of a guide for the Christmas gifts!
  1. Don’t abandon your cart!
    Products are often placed in the ecommerce cart without completing the purchase. Try with email marketing, it can be very useful for encouraging customers to complete the transaction. Then use the emails to remind your user to finalize the purchase.
  1. Help your customers
    With Black Friday offers, traffic to your store and sales will increase. It is an excellent opportunity to improve your after-sales service, for example by introducing a live chat to speed up communications or quickly provide a code to track shipments.
  1. Last call
    Send your customers an email or a text message with a sort of “ultimatum” to get a special discount if they complete the purchase in the next hour. It works!

Black Friday 2021 is just around the corner, follow our checklist of actions to better prepare yourself and take advantage of the most important time of the year to sell online!

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