BDroppy news: revolutionize your online buying and selling experience!

Starting from today, buying and selling on BDroppy will be even more advantageous, thanks to the many new features that will provide you with an even easier and more enjoyable buying experience

Let’s find out the three main changes together:

  1. Expanded product catalog
  2. Cashback arrival
  3. More discounts for you

The product catalog has been expanded with new categories and an even wider selection of designer fashion apparel and accessories to suit your tastes and needs.


With the new Social plan, you can get 10% cashback on your purchases and those made by your friends who buy through the link of the products you shared with them for the following 12 months.

But how does one get cashback?

  1. Register on BDroppy
  2. Activate the Social Plan
  3. Purchase what you prefer and immediately receive 10% Cashback on every order
  4. Use the cashback received on your next order

Here’s an example:

If you place an order of 100 €, you’ll receive a 10 € refund on your profile that you can use on your next purchase!


Become an online designer fashion retailer and earn an average margin of 30% on every sale! But that’s not it: by activating the Plugin and Plugin + Plan, you will immediately get an additional 20% discount from the list price of all our products.

To get started, activate the plan that best suits your needs, create the list of products you want to sell directly from our catalog, set your selling price, choose from the available integrations and in just a few clicks, you can start dropshipping with BDroppy.

Don’t miss this chance to earn more money and make your shopping even more convenient.

To get more information about our news, visit our site today. We’re here to answer all your questions and help you discover why BDroppy is the fashion e-commerce you’ve been waiting for.

Join BDroppy today and discover all the new opportunities!