DROPSHIPPING ACADEMY – How to sell successfully on Instagram: 8 tips

Selling on Instagram - 8 tips to be successful

If you have your own activity to buy and resell online, but never sold on Instagram, you may be missing a great opportunity! Instagram users are in fact growing each year and many of them actually decide to purchase an item based on something they saw while browsing the app.

Do you want to learn more? Keep reading our 8 tips:

  1. the perfect Instagram business profile
    choose an appropriate photo (perhaps your company logo), write a clear description in your bio, enter a link to your store (it’s the only clickable link available so entering it is a good idea!).
  2. advertise in Stories
    in 2017 Instagram made it possible to advertise through Stories too. The ads pop up in between Instagram Stories of pages you follow and can have a huge impact on potential customers. Use either a video or a photo but make sure the initial clip is catchy! You can also go live and try livestreaming, which is one of the newest and most promising trends in online shopping.
  3. create Stories with product links
    Instagram Stories provide a chance to engage with followers more frequently. The algorithm now considers all the interactions you receive on your Instagram Stories as well, such as replies and shares. You could get around it by using the “Swipe up” button (if you have over 10,000 followers) or by telling your followers to DM you to get a direct link to your product or your dropshipping ecommerce.
  4. use Reels or IG tv
    Reels were born as an alternative to the successful TikTok. Now, after the recent Instagram updates, content creators can add product tags to their videos. With these short videos, you can unleash your creativity: for example, quick tutorials or trying on clothes so that users can see how they look, among many other options.
  5. use Instagram Ads
    this feature is crucial for businesses and it’s not too difficult to use. The easiest way to do so is by promoting a post you’ve shared on Instagram, you’ll be able to choose your target.
  6. caption this
    the caption of a post is fundamental so pay attention to it as it can do a lot! It can relate to the viewer or it can serve as a call to action, so don’t underestimate its power.
  7. the right hashtags
    hashtags are important for posts but it’s important not to use too many. Be careful of what you’re using as if they are highly used you risk that the posts are not visible, so try to use hashtags related to your specific niche.
  8. work with influencers
    Instagram influencers are always very popular and their collaborations are about to replace digital ads, since customers trust people’s opinions more than advertising. If you have a low budget, consider working with a micro-influencer who can be easier to find.

Learning how to sell on Instagram can be overwhelming but if you follow our tips it can become as easy as pie and you can build a huge customer base for your successful online business.

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