DROPSHIPPING ACADEMY – How to interact with your customers: 7 practical tips

Ecommerce dropshipping - 7 tips to satisfy your customers

Customers who buy dropshipping designer clothing always have high expectations. Of course they want a product that meets their needs, but they also want to buy from businesses that make the entire shopping experience easy, from payments, to delivery, to after-sales assistance, otherwise they could turn to another dropshipping e-commerce.

The three main reasons why customers interact with a business are marketing, sales and customer service. All three are equally important to customer satisfaction, so it’s important that they are taken care of.

Find out how to provide your customers with impeccable assistance!

Here’s how to make every interaction memorable, with our 7 tips:

  1. Show empathy and gratitude.
    It is a simple but fundamental rule and it really makes a difference. So thank your customers often and put yourself in their shoes, apologizing if there are any hitches.
    If they have positive experiences with you, they are likely to come back and buy at your store.
  2. Keep up with your customers.
    Try to make it easier for your customers to get the answers they need to use your product or service, for example by using the same platform they used to contact you, or through social channels, chat or messaging services.
  3. Be transparent and communicative.
    It is very important to be transparent, especially if it was your mistake or there was a damaged product.
    Don’t hesitate to explain the situation and apologize for the problem.
  4. Be responsible.
    Follow up on every communication with your customers and provide them with a solution, feedback, or useful resources they can benefit from.
    Can’t solve a customer problem in the first interaction? Give them a maximum time limit in which you will offer them a solution. Remember to be proactive and ask them if they are still having problems.
  5. Ask for feedback and act on it.
    Regularly ask customers for feedback: this way you’ll be able to identify potential problems early.
    Your customers will appreciate the opportunity to share their opinions.
  6. Speak simply.
    Try to talk to your customers like a human being. A formal written language can feel cold and empty. Obviously you have to use a professional language, especially in case of problems, but once solved, feel free to be more informal, also through gifs and emojis, which establish a certain degree of empathy. Also check that your emails are spelled correctly!
  7. Surprise your customers whenever you can.
    Periodically take time to surprise your customers. Even just a thank you letter, a coupon or a social initiative is enough to create a connection with your customers.

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