DROPSHIPPING ACADEMY – How to make your first dropshipping sale: 5 tips

Make your first dropshipping sale with our tips

E-commerce activities usually have to deal with logistics, shipping and inventory, for example. The dropshipper, on the other hand, will only have to worry about one thing: selling. And, as you know, the first sale is the most important, but also the most difficult.

If you’re new to dropshipping or are looking to build a customer database from scratch, here are our 5 tips to help you make your first sale:

  1. develop your social community
  2. use paid advertising
  3. use social media to advertise yourself
  4. offer promotions or discounts
  5. rely on influencers
  1. develop your social community

When you create an ecommerce dropshipping, social media are fundamental: first of all they are free, it is easier to identify your target customers and the audience is more inclined to rely on them rather than on advertising. How to develop a community then?

  1. most of your content must relate to your brand or product, another smaller part must be related to other brands or share your followers’ content and the smallest part should be about self-promotion of your business;
  2. remember to publish posts on a regular basis and at the right time (which varies depending on the platform);
  3. use the same hashtags as your target customers;
  4. participate on social networks and focus your content on current trends.
  1. use paid advertising

If you have availability, pay for advertising, for example you can rely on Google Ads, using suitable but not too used keywords, otherwise you will find too much competition.

  1. use social media to advertise yourself

Another paid way to advertise effectively is to use the services offered by the various social platforms. The important thing is to select the correct platform based on the target audience.

  1. offer promotions or discounts

To drive sales, offer your audience discounts or promotions or limited-time sales.
Obviously it depends on the resources you have available, but this technique is certainly effective.

  1. rely on influencers

Buyers trust influencers a lot. Influencers now have more power than ever in deciding the fate of a product or brand, depending on their popularity. Therefore, rely on them to reach groups of customers who would otherwise be precluded more easily.

Thanks to our advice your first online sale will be a success!

However, pay close attention to where you can find the products: dropshipping suppliers are not just simple suppliers, but a real commercial partner who will have to manage the logistics, shipping and products.

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