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Founded in New York in 2004, Tory Burch is a deeply American brand but open to the world, just like its creator.

Tory’s love for colors and travel translates into the precious prints and details of all her collections. The play of complementary and contrasting colors is one of her most marked characteristics and living in color is her life philosophy.

The designer published her first book in 2014: “Tory Burch In Color”, which appears in the New York Times best-selling book.

The double-T logo of the brand stems from two of Tory Burch’s main sources of inspiration: travel and interior design, especially the elaborate arches of Moroccan architecture and the bold graphic lines of David Hicks’ interiors.

Travel and discovery are an integral part of its collections and of the brand in general: travel is an adventure and a privilege, an opportunity to learn and meet new people.

In 2009, Tory Burch started her foundation, which promotes women’s empowerment and entrepreneurial initiative by ensuring access to funds, education and digital resources.

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